This healthy Korean dish is another one of my favorites so far, and I haven’t even tried it in its originating city yet.  Dak galbi, which translates to chicken ribs despite the fact that chicken thigh or breast is usually used, is a specialty of Chuncheon in Gangwon Province.  It consists of marinated diced chicken cooked in gochujang (hot pepper paste)  along with green onions, sweet potato, cabbage, and tteok (rice cake).  It’s quit spicy (surprise!) but oh-so-flavorful.  Like many Korean dishes, it’s cooked at your table and is meant to be shared.  Oftentimes dak galbi is served with leaves of lettuce as well as ice cold bowls of pickled radish for when the heat really gets to you.


Dak galbi at a restaurant in Eumseong, served with kimchi, seasoned mung bean sprouts, onions, garlic and pickled radish.


I love that you you get to enjoy the smell and site of it cooking AND get to skip out on all the prep work and clean up.