Today is my last day in Korea. I’m sitting at the airport on this very busy travel day (the long holiday weekend for Seollal, also known as Lunar New Year, began today), watching people come and go, wondering if their adventures are just starting or coming to an end. Did I really just spend the past year living in Korea? Did this adventure really just come to a close?

While there are certainly things I’ll miss about Korea, like the food and the adorable faces of my students, I am really looking forward to moving on. In just 20 hours I’ll be hugging my mom, cuddling with my cat and embracing the warm Florida breeze. I can’t wait.

I had every intention of writing a detailed post about what I’d miss, what I wouldn’t miss and everything I was looking forward to coming back to, but my last few weeks here really got away from me. I have a feeling I’ll have clearer vision of what it means and how it feels to be moving on to the next chapter once I’ve settled in back home anyway, so stay tuned for an update.

Thank you to everyone who followed my adventure and supportted me along this journey. And thank you, Korea, for giving me such an interesting year full of challenging yet fun and insightful times. I really will miss you and your kimchi.