I caught myself comparing my life to others as I was reflecting on 2014. It’s not a healthy thing to do, I know this, but with social media it’s sometimes hard not to. I love seeing what friends are up to and it’s certainly a good way to stay in touch and share the joys of life when you’re separated by mountains and oceans, but at times it has caused me to question where I’m at in my life. This past year, my Facebook and Instagram feeds were full of marriages, engagements, babies, new home ownership and career success—all things that don’t appear to be in the near future for me but are currently happening for everyone my age, or so it seems.

2014 did not pan out the way I’d envisioned it to at all. Most people can probably say that, however. It was exciting, challenging, scary, frustrating, and at times quite lonely (the cockroaches I’ve been sharing my apartment with aren’t very good company). I moved to Korea without preparing myself for what would happen if I didn’t love living here. The possibility of not loving it just didn’t cross my mind. I don’t mean for that to sound like I haven’t enjoyed myself, because I really have, and I’m incredibly grateful for my experiences here. In no way do I regret the decision to pack up, sell everything and move here. I still sometimes wonder why and how I even got here, but I’m glad I did, despite all of the unexpected difficulties.

The other day I received an email from a friend who mentioned how much respect they had for me for being so bold and adventurous. It’s funny how much a simple statement like that can mean. Bold is not a word I would use to describe myself, and it’s like it made me suddenly realize whoa, I totally moved to the other side of the world. I’ve received plenty of encouragement from my family and from David and those that read this blog (thanks, guys 😉 ), but something about hearing those words from a friend far removed while I’d just been thinking to myself I could have been a stronger person this past year, made me feel pretty good. I did not accomplish or experience the things my friends did last year, or perhaps it’s just the things I’m longing for, but I do think my year was equally great in a very different way.

This year I will always remember to focus on living my unique, extraordinary life. I will appreciate the here and now and what is right before me. My time in Korea will come to an end in just over 6 weeks, and a lot of unknown lies ahead as I face living in a new city and begin the search for a new job, possibly a new career. I am trusting that my life will pan out as it’s meant to, and I will savor each chapter along the way.  2015, I am ready for you. I have a feeling it’ll be a good year.