I decided to quit my job of nearly seven years at the Seattle Art Museum, sell just about everything I own and move to the other side of the world to teach English to children in Korea.

Do you speak Korean?


Have you ever been to Korea?


Have you ever taught before?


South Korea, right?

Um, yes.

Oh, cool. Good for you!

I had a good job in a great city, but for numerous reasons I won’t bore you with, I needed a change.  I applied for new jobs here and there thinking perhaps an office with carpet that wasn’t three decades old or a new cubicle with a fancy ergonomic chair would suffice but ultimately came to the conclusion that I’d eventually wind up back in the same place.  After doing quite a bit of research and more daydreaming than necessary, I decided teaching abroad in Korea sounded like a pretty stellar plan.  I love to travel and experience new cultures and the teaching part, well, I figured it would be hard to be the worst teacher in the world.  Regardless of my teaching capabilities, I decided it would be an experience that I’d learn from, grow from and assuredly not regret.

So here I am, in Korea, teaching English to kids (belated start to this blog but better late than never, right?) while enjoying a pocketful of kimchi everyday.